330 kNm articulated boom crane

Basic unit with extended main boom and jib twice hydraulically extendable for max. horizontal reach of 12,05m. SWL 1,27t at 12,05m resp. 1,95t at 8,15m.


Crane base with square base for static mounting, dual rack and pinion slewing system for 410° rotation, slewing torque 48.000Nm. Crane column in all-steel design, jib in hexagon design in-line with main boom, hydraulically operated jib extensions under full load up to 12,05m. All extensions in hexagon profiles. Hydraulic rams are double acting and the piston rods hard chromium plated. Pressure reservoir at lifting cylinder to dampen the centrifugal forces acting on the load-bearings.


Complete hydraulic system with valve bank consisting of 7 individual valve sections for all crane functions, high precision with integrated suction and safety valves. Top seat at column with all controls. Load holding valves at all cylinders and overload protection device as well as emergency-stop button and visual alarm at 90% of max. load according to CE-standard.


Hydraulic operated clamshell 550 ltrs. capacity, hydraulic rotator for 360° continuous slewing. Service weight approx. 4.300kg.


Electro-hydraulic power pack, 37kW - 1.450 1/min., 380V/3ph/50Hz (IP54), 300l oil reservoir, hydraulic pump, thermostatically controlled oil-cooler, integrated filter system, control panel with star delta switch, protection class IP65, 24V system for emergency system of crane.

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