200 kNm knuckle boom crane



Hydraulic marine crane, 20 m/t capacity, basic unit a5, knuckle boom type with special crane base for stationary mounting, cranked column in all-steel design, heavy duty rack and pinion slewing system for 430° rotation (slewing torque 24.500Nm), jib quintuple hydraulically extendable under load to max. reach of 14,43m. SWL 910kg at 14,35. Min. working radius 0,5m. All rams are double acting and the piston rods are twice chromium plated.


Complete hydraulic system with Danfoss control valve bank consisting of 5 individual valve sections for all crane functions, high precision with integrated suction and safety valves. Radio remote control (HBC), 5 functions consisting of transmitter with linear controls, receiver, charger (12/24V) with two re-chargeable batteries, automatic frequency search, emergency-off, extra cable in case of radio break-down, variable speed choice.


Electronic crane control system (EKS black box) incl. load moment limiter, actual load information, damping control for lifting cylinder, and a diagnostic system indicating all mal-functions on digital display. Load holding valves at lifting-, jib-, and extension rams. Overload protection valves with visual warning device at 90% of max. load and emergency shut-off buttons at all controls according to CE-standard. Power requirement 20,5kW, oil flow 40l/min. at 300bar.


Hydraulic winch, capacity 4.000 kg pull at single line/1st layer or 3.300kg/3rd layer, average speed 30m/min. at 70l/min. oil flow, galvanized wire rope (spin-resistant), dia. 14mm, rope length 65m. Automatic cut-off device (electro-hydraulic) if only 3 safety turns of rope are left on the reel-drum or the hook touches the tip of jib. Option: pulley at 6t cap. for max. lifting force at half speed.


Lifting capacities with booms in horizontal position:


            2,80m -  5.950kg


            4,60m -  3.710kg


            6,55m -  2.400kg


            8,50m -  1.720kg


          10,45m  - 1.320kg


           12,40m - 1.080kg


           14,35m -    910kg 


Special treatment against corrosive environment: crane base –

St 52-3, column/booms – St e 460, cylinder tube – St 52-3, piston rods – twice chromium plated, bushings – seawater proof bronce, sandblasting/zinc-dust treatment,  3-coat colour system RAL9005 (black).


This crane is manufactured according to German Standard

DIN 15018to meet marine specifications for provision/service cranes type "A". Min. 5° heel and 2° trim under harbour conditions with full load. Classification by all known international societies upon request.


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