300 kNm knuckle boom crane




Hydraulic marine crane, 30 m/t capacity, basic unit a3, knuckle boom type with special crane base for stationary mounting, cranked column in all-steel design, heavy duty dual rack and pinion slewing system for 410° slewing angle (slewing torque 40.000Nm), jib triple hydraulically extendable under load

to max. reach of 10,52m. All rams are double acting and the piston rods are hard chromium plated.




Complete hydraulic system consisting of: one lifting ram, one jib ram, three extension rams, four slewing rams, separate supplied control valve block with four individual control valves (high precision) plus load holding valves at all cylinders and overload protection device. Emergency shut-off buttons at all controls according to CE-standard.




Hydraulic winch 3.000 kg capacity at single line/1st layer,
2.450 kg cap./3rd layer, average speed 30m/min. at 70l/min.,

rope dia 12 mm, rope length 65m, incl. pulley, control valve and safety hook.




Automatic cut-off device (electro-hydraulic) for winch operation if hook touches the pulley or only 3 windings of rope are left on the winch-drum.




Separate control-stand with manual lever control, emergency

shut-off button and electronic crane control system (EKS-black box) incl. overload protection device, actual load info and damping control for lifting cylinder. Radio/cable remote control optional.




Special treatment against corrosive environment: crane base –

St 52-3, column/booms – St e 460, cylinder tube – St 52-3, piston rods – twice chromium plated (stainless steel optional), bushings – seawater proof bronce, sandblasting plus zinc dust treatment, 3-coat colour system with special marine paint.




This crane is built in compliance with DIN-Standard 15018 and may be registered with all international known classification societies.

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