2000kNm telescopic boom

Tailor made telescopic crane consisting of base with slewing ring gear, column and one-stage telescopic boom for SWL 12,5t at 18,73m resp. 10,8t at 20,82m reach. The slewing range is restricted to 90°.


This crane is designed for a research vessel and equipped with one friction-winch (18mm steel cable), one friction winch (18mm fibreglass cable), one winch (11mm rope) and one hydraulic rope winch 12,5t pull single line (28mm rope dia.). A pendulum pulley-head allows a max. inclination of 90°. The operating temperatures vary from -30°C to +45°C. The crane has to handle drag- and trawl nets as well as to lower research equipment down to the seabed.


The telescopic boom has an arm-rest to allow forces up to 2000kNm in stowed position and trawler operations with deep-sea nets.


The crane is treated against corrosive environment, i.e. crane base – St 52-3, column/booms – St e 460, cylinder tube –
St 52-3, piston rods – stainless steel, bushings – seawater proof bronze, special treatment (C5) against corrosion, dip-coating (marine paint).


This crane is manufactured according to German Standard DIN 15018 H1/B3 to meet marine specifications for provision/service crane type "A". Min. 5° heel and 2° trim with full load.

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