550 kNm luggage handling crane

Basic unit with one-stage telescopic main boom and 2nd articulation with 2-stage telescopic jib for max. hydraulic reach (working radius) of 25m. Min. working radius 3m. Range of boom elevation 0° –  80°. SWL at max. hydr. reach 500kg/25m (horizontal reach). Steel cabin at column, electric wipers, comfort seat, multi-adjustable, with manual lever controls, safety-glass, sliding entrance door (lockable), lighting, control panel incl. pressure gauge with sun protection for all instruments.


Complete hydraulic system (load sensing system 107l/min. max. for up to four simultaneous working motions) consisting of:
1 lifting ram with steel protection against outside damage of piston rod (with limit switch to restrict working angle during operation), 1 jib ram, 3 extension rams, slewing gear, control valve block consisting of 6 single control valves (high-sensitive for easy operation) plus load holding valves at all cylinders and overload protection device as well as emergency-stop button and visual/acoustic alarm at 90% of max. load according to


Special damping control by pressure reservoir to minimize centrifugal forces acting on the load-bearing components
of static mounted cranes. Centralized lubrication system with electric pump.


Working lights fitted to cabin roof, Xenon "Mega Beam" 15LX, and red obstruction light, both protection class IP65.


Hydraulic winch 3.000kg cap. at single line/1st layer reduced to 500kg SWL, average speed 50m/min., spin-resistant rope,
dia. 12mm, rope length max. 65m, grooved drum, automatic cut-off device (electro-hydraulic) with visual/acoustic alarm inside cabin, wire rope safety factor 15 (fifteen). Pulley head at tip of jib. Protection class IP65.


Electro hydraulic power pack, 45kW motor 380V/3Ph/50Hz (protection class IP56) with permanent pressure gauge, oil reservoir 400ltrs. cap. with oil level monitoring device and hand-hole (200mm) made from stainless steel same as all couplings and pipes, hydr. piston pump for variable flow up to 107l/min. (load sensing system), tropical oil cooler (heavy duty) in operation whenever the pump is running, control panel made from stainless steel accdg. to BS 5490/IP65 incl. hour-meter, ampere-meter, voltmeter. Manual pump for emergencies.


Radio remote control for all crane functions (6), incl. emergency stop and horn, display for load indicator, 15m cable for emergency-operation in case the radio system is off, protection class IP65.

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