550 kNm luggage handling crane

Basic unit with one-stage telescopic main boom and 2nd articulation with 2-stage telescopic jib for max. hydraulic reach (working radius) of 25m. Min. working radius 3m. Range of boom elevation 0° - 80°. Slewing speed 1,5rpm. SWL at max. hydr. reach 500kg/25m (horizontal reach). Max. boom length (outreach) in parking position 7,83m (jib folded underneath main boom/
all extensions retracted).


Steel cabin at column, inside floor-dimensions: 1000 x 1800mm, electric wipers, comfort seat, multi-adjustable, with manual lever controls, safety-glass, sliding entrance door (lockable), lighting, control panel incl. pressure gauge with sun protection for all instruments.


Crane base with cranked column in all-steel construction, slewing ring gear with slewing gear assembly and hydraulic slewing connections for 360° continuous slewing, electric slewing restriction to be set by end-user to avoid interference with obstacles, slewing torque 62.000Nm. Telescopic main boom in hexagon-design, once hydraulically displaceable under load with hexagon profiled extensions in heavy duty design, 2nd articulation with 2-stage telescopic jib hydraulically displaceable under load up to 25m working radius. Especially reinforced jib cylinder suspensions. All rams are double acting.


Overturning moment 550kNm, torsion moment 62kNm, axial load 73kN, max. current 120A.


Special damping control by pressure reservoir to minimize centrifugal forces acting on the load-bearing components of static mounted cranes. Centralized lubrication system with electric pump.


Working lights fitted to cabin roof, Xenon "Mega Beam" 15LX, and red obstruction light, both protection class IP65.


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